DAVID VINCENT SELECTION was born out of both passion and frustration. The passion is obvious but the frustration was due to a lack of what I feel is often lost or overlooked in the wine world today in the quest for big dollars. The French call it "terroir".

We are committed to bringing to the discerning palate wines that express a true "terroir" and sense of place directly from the source of their production. Wines that express a balance of acidity, power and elegance and represent a high quality-to-price ratio compared to other wines in their respective appellations.

Every wine that we select and import was produced by a true artisan in their craft of wine making...wines crafted out of passion, knowledge and skill. Each wine is made by a producer whose production is extremely limited. Because of this most of our producers have never been imported into the USA before and have been discovered exclusively by DVS.

Each producer we choose to represent believes 95% of their wines are made in the vineyards by first implementing dense vine plantings, strict berry selection and low yields with very little human intervention. No artificial chemicals or fertilizers are ever used in the process. Most of our wines are produced in a completely organic or bio-dynamic fashion without the "title" of such. Our producers prefer not to market the word "organic" but only to market the best wines possible. Our wines are also in many cases unrefined and unfiltered.

I take great pride in discovering and introducing to our consumer the most passionate and most talented wine makers as I see possible while remaining true to tradition and without influence of market trends. Our wines can easily compete with the biggest "names" of the wine world. I sincerely encourage you to experience our wines for yourself.

- David Vincent Selection

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