basilicata (italy) Bound by forested hills and mountains prone to temperature extremes, the slim central plain was given to frequent seawater floods that transformed the coastline into marshes, making this land sparsely inhabited until the Lucanian people made their homes among caves carved from the mountains.

Although Basilicata produces only one DOC wine, the quality of it is such that it ranks at the forefront among the best known and appreciated Italian reds. Aglianico, the name of the original grape, is a corruption of the word "Hellenic" or Greek. In fact, as there are no native grapes in this region, the plant was brought over by the Greeks when they settled there in pre-Roman times. The result is that this grape was made into wine long before many native varieties in the northern regions.

The Greeks planted many vines in the zones around the Mount Volture from which some of the best Aglianico still comes today. The single DOC, Aglianico del Volture, was named after this area as well.




Eubea is located in the wonderful wine producing area of Barile and Ripacandida in Vulture, Basilicata. Fifteen hectares of vineyards aged between 40 and 60 years, a unique microclimate of temperature fluctuations between sunrise and sunset, ideal ventilation and extremely talented wine making makes Eubea one of the top producers of Aglianico del Vulture. The soil is volcanic with balanced layers of calcareous deposits and good drainage. All this, as well as low yields, enables the vines to produce Aglianico of great complexity and power. The Sasso family has a long tradition in the wine business. Eubea was founded in 1922 and registered at the Chamber of Commerce Power in 1925. Francesco Sasso was credited for being the first to bring Aglianico del Vulture to America in 1978. In the 1990's Eugenia Sasso has taken the reigns of Eubea and continues to bring high quality Aglianico to the table.

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