lombardia (italy)   Lombardy has developed a reputation for its sparkling wines from Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese. It offers some outstanding conditions for vine growth with influences from the Alps to the North and the lakes of Garda, Iseo, Como and Maggiore and the Apennines in the south. Perhaps one of the most ironic things about the wine of Italy’s Lombardy (Lombardia) region is that while this area is the industrial powerhouse of the country you will find some of the most artisan, small production wines made here and surprising pockets of beautiful unspoiled wine country. Its wines offer great variety and character, with a mixture of modern and traditional, as well as native and foreign grape varieties. The Valtellina DOC zone stretches from west to east along the Adda river near the town of Sondrio and the spa town of Bormio. Centered around the province of Sondrio, Valtellina produces some of the most appreciated regional wines based largely on the local version of Nebbiolo, the Piedmont noble grape known here as Chiavannesca.




The Valtellina DOC is a magnificent series of terraced vineyards on the southern slope of the Rhaetian Alps: it’s a charming and unique landscape, which stretches for 40 kilometers at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. The center of this prestigious viticulture is Chiuro where Balgera is situated. Peter Balgera founded Balgera and began trading his Valtellina wines to Switzerland. He was succeeded by his son Leo Balgera, who continued the production and export. His son, Gianfranco, built a new cellar evolving and improving the techniques of wine production, aging and bottling.

Today Paolo Balgera continues the business as winemaker. Paolo never wavered from tradition. Starting from the historical vineyards located in the areas of Sassella, Inferno, Grumello and Valgella, the ancient "know how” to make wine continues to this day. Adapting to the changing needs of the market a constant improvement of the techniques of vinification is of primary importance to Balgera but the sense of tradition will always remain. With great attention to quality, Paolo Balgera offers wines of an exceptional elegance and great structure. The Balgera wines possess exquisite aromatics of fragrance produced by the Chiavennasca varietal.

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