sardegna (italy)   A wine tour of Sardinia takes the visitor into a sensational journey of pleasures that transcends the visitation of historical production places and wineries. It is a journey that involves all the senses: perfumes, flavors and colors of Sardinia beckon as one leaves the larger cities behind. The full range of sensations have a deeper impact upon the first-time visitor, or on the visitor who returns after a long absence. The wine routes of the island lead to fantastic landscapes where viticulture has been in existence since pre-Roman times, a tradition that began with the people of the nuraghi and continues into the third millennium. From the Romans to the late Sardinina-Piedmontese kingdom, through the Tuscan and Genovese fiefdoms, the Benedictine or Camaldolean monks and the Spaniards, all contributed to expand and introduce new techniques. The panorama is never monotonous or repetitive and at times displays or hides the remote, unique and complex origins of this Mediterranean island. This is the most ancient land of Italy.

It's well-known that soil composition and climate play an important role in grape growing and wine production.


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