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Veneto is among the foremost wine-producing regions, both for quality and quantity. Many of its wines, both dry and Spumanti, are internationally known and appreciated.

The importance of winemaking in this region is underscored by the creation in 1885 of the very first Italian school for vine growing and oenology. In addition, Veneto was the first region to constitute the first strada del vino or "wine road". This first wine-touring road featured special road signs providing information on vines and the wines they were made into and joined the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano DOC zones crossing a series of hilly vineyards.

The most appreciated wines in the region come from the provinces of Treviso, Verona, Padova, Venice, and Vicenza. The area around Verona, with its temperate climate and hilly surrounding, is believed to have cultivated grapes since the Bronze Age.




Val d'Illasi with its gentle slopes is a rich and generous land. Giancarlo Ruff who loves country life has been attracted to this land and in the beginning of his wine career chose it as a place to go with his family outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. Very soon after, he decided to plant his first vines. Passion for nature and its products, his taste for the good wine produced in his region and his interest for new challenges, little by little led him to set up his estate in Tregnago. A few years later, wines from Tenuta Chiccheri have made their name known and can be found in many restaurants in Italy and in other countries in Europe. And for the first time he can say his wines have reached the shores of the United States of America.

David Vincent Selection is proud to have discovered the wines from Tenuta Chiccheri.

Passion and quality are a mark of Giancarlo's vineyard and his wines. Passion is the main ingredient to make every single product something special. A feeling of love, time and care is inside every bottle of Tenuta Chiccheri. Every phase of the wine production from vine grafting to grape harvest, from pressing to bottling is made very carefully which is typical of people who love what they do. Giancarlo Ruffo and his son Gianpoalo with their contagious passion for quality have been able to transfer their passion to their staff so that every single bottle delivered to the customer is a bottle of top quality Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore or Amarone. Even his Chardonnay, his Sparkling and the Passito made from Chardonnay are true representations of top quality wines from the Valpolicella DOC.

Giancarlo is adamant that the vines must be good quality. Wine-making must be of high standard and quality must be everywhere from the equipment to all the production processes all the way up to delivery to the customer.

It should be known the difference between Valpolicella and the Valpolicella Superiore is that Valpolicella carrying the "Superiore" distinction; the wine must have a higher alcohol content, receive longer aging, and display more body and structure than the base Valpolicella. Tenuta Chiccheri Valpolicella Superiore certainly achieves the accolades of a Superiore. A massive Valpolicella Superiore!

As for the Amarone ... well ... we'll let you tell us what you think.

Tenuta Chiccheri Valpolicella
Tenuta Chiccheri Valpolicella Superiore
Tenuta Chiccheri Amarone   Half Bottle / 12 Pk Mag
Tenuta Chiccheri Chardonnay Monte Precastio
Tenuta Chiccheri Passito Monte Precastio
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Marco Sambin is a professor of psychopathology at the University of Padova, Italy. Marco restored a small casale in Valnogaredo in the famed Colli Euganei where he lives with the intent to produce fine wines. The vineyards are planted on very steep terraces in the Valnogaredo valley, facing south and consist of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. This is a very peculiar terroir inside the Colli Euganei appellation with very rocky soils rich in calcaire. Plant density is very close because of the thick rock calcaire soil making the vines difficult to penetrate.

Marco believes each microclimate has its own unique characteristics. A good wine must reflect the interaction between the grape variety and the place it is grown. Marco also believes every single decision in the vineyard has to be driven by this rationale or a mediocre wine will be made at best not a premium wine like Sambin's Marcus Rosso dei Euganei.

The Grapes are hand picked and selected. They are soon after sent to ferment in stainless steel tanks for about 12 days then aged in barrels for 12 months. They spend one year in barrels and an additional year in the bottle before being released into the market.

This is a deep rich wine. The yields are as low as 20 hectare liters per hectare. The total production of Marcus is a mere 400 cases. I have said it many times before that this is what David Vincent Selection vows to discover for our customers.

Marco Sambin Rosso dei Colli Euganei 20 Cases Imported

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Prosecco has always been a difficult find for us in years past. That is until we discovered the unique wines made by the Marchiori family.

Marchiori believes in goodness, common sense and of good sense for what nature has given them. They believe in listening to the earth and the vibrations and emotions emanating from it. They interpret the fruit of their labor from steep slopes through their own sensibilities. Moon after moon, season after season, year after year in each bottle they produce, derives the beauty of the unique and pure flavors from the hills that they look after in Conegliano-Valdobbiadene. This is the identity of the Marchiori family in Farra di Soligo. Each bottle is a glimpse of the way of thinking and of doing things their way.

The Marchiori vineyards are ecosystem integrated with the existing landscape. The sustaining of the cultivation involves ancient practices and constant observation and scientific innovation. Human interventions of the soil and vines are also organized according to the moon phases.

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In the Val d'Illasi with its gentle slopes and a rich and generous land sits the Carlo Ferragù Winery, with its distinctive yellow-ochre facade with parallel orange stripes, facing towards the expanse of vineyards tended with love and dedication. Ferragu’ is located in Sorcè di Sopra, near Cellore, in the Val d’Illasi in the lush and rich eastern part of the province of Verona. Since 2002 the winery has passionately dedicated itself to the production of quality wines: Amarone di Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore and Recioto della Valpolicella.

Ferragu’ began experimenting with its first Amarone Valpolicella Ferragù in 1997 and this wine is the pride of the Estate Winery, a wine made from Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, selected and lightly raisin-dried according to ancient traditions. The Ferragù Estate is comprised of only eight hectares of vineyards and approximately one hectare of olive farmland two hundred and forty meters above sea level. There are two drying halls, located inside the cellars in order to best exploit the silent air that is perfect for drying the grapes.

Every year the Ferragù Estate produces about three thousand bottles of Amarone and fifteen-sixteen thousand bottles of Valpolicella Superiore for a total of twenty thousand bottles. Recioto is only produced during the best vintage years and only in a small quantity of about one thousand bottles.

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