I enjoy sharing websites with those who are as interested in the fine wines and foods of Europe as I am.
Here are a few of my favorites ...
  ITALIAN MADE www.italianmade.com
  THE WINE GRAPE GLOSSARY www.wineloverspage.com
  GAMBERO ROSSO www.gamberorosso.com
  LA VINIUM www.lavinium.com
  BIBENDA www.bibenda.it
  VERONELLI EDITORE www.veronelli.com
  SLOW FOOD www.slowfood.com
  TERROIR VINO www.terroirvino.it
  TASTE VINAGE www.terroirvino.it
  TERROIR FRANCE www.terroir-france.com
  WINES OF GERMANY www.germanwineusa.org
  GERMAN WINE SOCIETY www.germanwinesociety.org
  RESTAURANT GUYS RADIO www.RestaurantGuysRadio.com
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